Don’t be bored at home quarantine guide

Ok listen you are asked to stay at home – not go to war or hide in your’re baismant. (Like I did 10 years ago) Situation is scary but try to keep positive mind – we got this! 
Here are things TO DO: 

-Daily work out at home ( take ur yoga mat in living room and go to YouTube and pick ur style Yoga/Pilates/Booty Exercise/10-15mim Ab work out 

 My yoga mat is: Lululemon + Apple IPad 5th generation 9.7 inch 

   ⁃    read a book be creative, ( suggestion: by Gary John Bishop – Unfu*k Yourself) or magazines 

   ⁃    play game od cards, Board games 

   ⁃    Organize your closet/dresser – finally you have time to do it (1. get rid or sell on Poshmark/Ebay things that are there for more then a year if you haven’t wore them sell them, 2. color coordinate everything, we are officially in spring put winter stuff on higher shelf’s. 3. Organize shoe rack 4. Go throw ur purse section and decide what you want to keep/sell or invest in next one 5. Go throw your make up boxes see what you use and not and gift it away 

   ⁃    Clean and make your house spotless ( dust, wash windows, wipe everything… etc) 
   ⁃    Organize bathroom cupboard or medicine cabinet 
   ⁃    Go to Pinterest and find some inspiring food recipes and get creative 
   ⁃    Make/bake a dessert for ur hubby/roommates/house inmates 
   ⁃    Go through photos on iPhone and delete most of the ones u already transferred to your computer or 55 of the same ones you store for no reason
   ⁃    Call your family/friends  FACETIME/SKYPE get that quality time with them 
   ⁃    Go clean/organize Garage (lol hope James doesn’t read this :)) – this is not my favorite thing to do anytime but maybe it is for you 
   ⁃    Download app called HOUSEPARTY 
   ⁃    COUCHELLA (Netflix,Hulu,Kodi, Disney+, HBO Go….) 
   ⁃    Walk your dog, don’t forget to pick their poop still 
   ⁃    Meditate  
   ⁃    Take your gel/ dip powder off and let those nails breathe or do your own mani pedi at home here is proper way to do it:

once u take it off use Essie “strong start” base coat , add 2 layers of your favorite Essie color and finish with Seche Vite dry fast top coat – this one is magic – best top coat in the world (ur nails will look like gels after this step) 
   ⁃    Roast marshmallows and sit in front of fireplace (if you have one – most California homes do). Do not recommend if fireplace is on gas with fake logs . 
   ⁃    BUBBLEBATH with some scented candles 
   ⁃    Face masks hydrate that skin (and don’t forget to drink water) 
   ⁃    Make a QUARANTINI ( In Shaker add Votka over ice and olive juice, chill glass with ice water, Vermouth your glass (dump it out). Shake ur Ingredients and pour them in glass with 2 olives in it. 
   ⁃    ****Ingredients: 2 1/2 ounces of Votka/Gin ( Ketle One, Belvedere, Gray Goose, Hendricks) 1/2 ounce dry vermouth, 1/4-1/2 ounce olive juice, garnish with 1-3 olives. Enjoy and drink responsibly

⁃    Become your own WAX specialist.

so u don’t rip or burn ur skin get a wax pot and some hard wax and start playing – this will save u so much money in the long run. I got all of my supplies here wax+wax pot  

This wax is also used at European Wax salon*

 ⁃    Take a NAP. 
   ⁃    Teach your dog to handshake, make sure you wash your hands after 
   ⁃    Go dance for TikTok app be silly let your inner crazy out shake that booty 
   ⁃    Play with LEGOS build houses, airplanes,boats and name them when mission is complete 
   ⁃    Try to make braids or new hairs styles u wanted to try – watch YouTube tutorials 

Things NOT TO DO: 
   ⁃    refresh yahoo news every 10 min
   ⁃    Go outside (unless grocery shopping or pharmacy or hike far away from groups) 
   ⁃    Panic 


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