Quarantine easy delightful dinner for 2

Pesto cajun shrimp broccoli pasta 


14-16 pieces of raw tail on shrimp 

Package of Barilla Veggie rotini pasta (zucchini&spinach) 

2 broccoli heads 

Pesto sauce ( I use Pesto Basil sauce from Costco) 

Cook pasta as packaging instructions suggest + add 2-3 extra min on that 

Chop broccoli heads in cooking pan sprinkle with olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper cover with lid and cook on medium temp 5-7 min 

Sprinkle shrimp with cajun seasoning

In different frying pan heat up olive oil and cook shrimp 2 min each side – remove from the stove. Do not over cook the shrimp 

When pasta is cooked drain pasta and add pesto basil sauce 

Ur dish is ready to serve: 

Put pesto basil pasta on plate add broccoli, shrimp and sprinkle with parmesan cheese as desired 

  • this recipe can be made for 4 (double up on shrimp and broccoli and bigger package of pasta – jar of pesto will cover a lot more) 

P.s. I made Campbell’s chicken noodle soup + add parsley/cilantro to start with (optional) 



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